Concerns over safety after Haggerston pedestrian crossing removed

The redevelopment and the newly paved road where the zebra crossing used to be. Pic: Andrea Stromskag.

Local residents and business owners have expressed concerns over the removal of a zebra crossing on Haggerston Road in Hackney, saying it makes it unsafe for pedestrians.

The pedestrian crossing used to be located opposite the south east corner of Haggerston Park but was removed without warning during a redevelopment of the area.

The local businesses in Haggerston Triangle. Pic: Andrea Stromskag.

Kirit Shah, who works in Haggerston Pharmacy has complained to Hackney Council: “I get a lot of elderly patients who have trouble crossing the road when they come to get their prescriptions. It is just not safe any more.”

According to Shah, the road used to have normal pavements, but since the redevelopment it is unclear where the pavement ends and the road starts, making it unsafe for pedestrians.

John Kemzl from Bay’s Fish Bar. Pic: Andrea Stromskag.

John Kemzl works in Bay’s Fish Bar next to where the crossing used to be. From the window of the shop he can see that the cars passing by are driving too fast. He is worried that with so many schools nearby the removal of the crossing is especially dangerous for the children.

“It’s a small thing for the council to change. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye – and that’s really what’s going to happen here. At one point a car is going to hit someone”, says Haggerston resident Ivor Benjamin.

“The area does not give priority to pedestrians and does not protect them as they are not visible to passing cars.” Benjamin has also reported the problem to the council: “Streetscene are good at changing things, but not at putting things right.”

The former crossing was just next to Haggerston Park by the station. Pic: Andrea Stromskag.

According to statistics there were 1,016 accidents resulting in injuries in Hackney in 2016. In 98 of these accidents people were killed or seriously injured.

Last week an initiative in Hoxton made two Hackney councillors commit to securing zebra crossing and a lollipop lady after four years of campaigning.

Hackney Council has been contacted for a comment.

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