The First Blitz: how the bombs fell on the ELL boroughs

Pic: Home Office photographer

From 1915-1918 a series of aerial bombs were carried out by the Imperial German Air Service across the country. The ELL boroughs were affected greatly by these raids leaving many dead, injured and without a home.

The interactive map below shows all the areas where the bombs fell on the ELL boroughs from 1915-1918. Each colour represents the different years. Click on each marker to see the location along with images and details of casualties. Some markers will detail the extent of the damage but many will only show the street name as no record has been kept of the damage caused.

The map is based on extensive research carried out by Ian Castle, author of The First Blitz: Bombing London in the First World War.

Many streets experienced a great loss of life and damage during the bombing raids. As part of our series commemorating the anniversary, we have explored two of the most notable bombing raids of the war – one which took place in Hackney, the other in Tower Hamlets.

Did a WW1 bomb fall on your street? Use the map below and find out. Use the search bar to enter a street name or address. If you have any information about the bomb raids please post in the comment section.

Follow the link to read more about WW1 in ELL boroughs:

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