Man charged with murdering 22-year-old in Deptford

Shevaun Sorrell succumbed to multiple stab wounds in his chest. Pic: Metropolitan Police

A man has been charged with the murder of 22-year-old Shevaun Sorrell in Deptford, following a violent brawl.

Dana Powell, 27, will be appearing before magistrates in Bromley, on Thursday.

The police discovered Sorrell heavily injured near his home on Creek Street, at about 11.45pm on 25 August.

He was taken to a south London hospital by paramedics and was pronounced dead at 12.40am.

The victim’s father, 70-year-old Vernon Sorrell, told The Evening Standard: ““I don’t know why this happened. I have tried to bring up my children with family values and not everyone does this.

“You read about these killings in the newspapers and see it on the news, but until it happens to you it’s not really possible to understand.”

Sorrell had attended a college in Lewisham and was training to become a tradesman.

His death comes amid a surge in violent crimes in London, with the police investigating more than 100 homicides so far, this year.

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