Multi-million pound boost to public transport and traffic flows in Croydon

Tram in Croydon Pic: Peter Trimming

A new multi-million pound  project to improve public transportation and traffic flows in Croydon has been launched.

Croydon Council are planning to put almost £116 million into the project which will involve a number of different developments. As well as the improving both East and West Croydon Station, the council plans to create additional capacity and new routes to improve tram and bus systems.

The tram system will be improved through additional seating and a new tram route in New Addington.

A report released by the council said that the improved bus system aims to increase the overall “passenger number that [Croydon council] expect and encourage”.

Councillor Stuart King, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Regeneration said: “We want people to come and visit Croydon by bus.”

Street junctions like Fiveways in Waddon will be one of the many to be affected by the plans.

According to King, the new development will turn the current Fiveways junction into Fourways junction. The new junction aims to improve traffic flow into the town centre.

Chepstow Road and Addiscombe Road will benefit from the plans as well as the traffic corridors into the town centre from London Road, Brighton Road and Mitcham Road.

King also stressed the importance of creating spaces for people to walk and cycle. He said: “There’s over 14 million pounds worth of spend on walking and cycling. […] it’s important that we ensure that people can walk and cycle around and into our town centre.”

King said: “We want to improve transport across Croydon, investing in making it easier for everyone to travel by bus, cycle or foot. We are investing in improving journeys and making Croydon a safer and easier place to live, work and visit.”

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