Street art duo launch geometric inspired exhibition

Kai Clements , left, and Anthony Sunter, right, at the opening of their exhibition. Pic: Zoe Ettinger

A street art duo, known for their highly detailed geometric line paintings and drawings, and who have worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, have opened a new exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery in Whitechapel.

Kai Clements, 43, from Somerset, and Anthony Sunter, 41, from Bolton, are known artistically as the partnership: Kai & Sunny.

Their latest exhibition, Shifting Times, is a series of line drawings and paintings on canvas and aluminium, respectively.

This exhibition is their fifth solo show at StolenSpace; the UK-based duo having been working together for 16 years and have worked with a host of famous people including McQueen and David Mitchell, the author of Cloud Atlas

Kai & Sunny are known for archival ballpoint pen work, creating detailed lines to form geometric landscapes.

A series of Kai & Sunny’s pen work paintings. Pic: Zoe Ettinger

 The exhibition showcases sharp colours and highly detailed lines to create angular and wave-like pieces, which dazzle and soothe at the same time.

Kai & Sunny’s skateboard collaboration with Element Skateboards. Pic: Zoe Ettinger

Speaking about the beginnings of their partnership, which was formed at Epson School of Art – now Epsom UCA, Kai said: “Our first major work together was a book for David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, that did really well. It was a worldwide bestseller. That kind of put us on the map.”

With such fine and detailed work, collaboration has to be planned. Kai said: “Everything is design so it is all relatively mathematical and thought through. It’s a process and we both work on the design together.”

Kai cites the pair’s biggest inspiration as nature. He said: “Nature has always been our starting point and something we gravitate towards. We both grew up in the country and nature seems like a comfortable place for us to start our ideas from.”

 In this video, Kai & Sunny speak about their latest venture:


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