Affordable Housing: By the people, for the people

Councillor Alison Butler [left] Pic: Croydon Council

Croydon Council are considering plans to build affordable homes in five council-owned sites. The scheme is led by the community. If the Croydon Council cabinet approves the scheme on Monday, the Council will open bidding from local community groups, such as Croydon Community Land Trusts, for the development of affordable homes. The winners of the bids will be able to own and manage the properties they have developed.

According to Councilor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes and Gateway services, this move is part of the Council’s wider housing policy to support the local community. Butler said: “Resident-led community housing is part of the wider solution to providing good homes in our borough that are affordable to all. This scheme would help residents and community groups shape the future of their local area and give them a chance to offer different housing options in Croydon alongside council-backed projects.”

Successful bidders will also be offered the professional support of the council-created developer ‘Brick by Brick’, who will deal with logistical and design issues. Croydon Council will perform the initial due diligence checks on the five sites on the clients’ behalf, as well supporting the successful bidders in the construction process.

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