Goldsmiths remembers Holocaust victims


Rabbi Nathan Goddleman gives a speech. Pic: Rabbi Gavin Broder

A Holocaust memorial event took place on January 29 in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

The ceremony attended by staff and students commemorated all those who suffered and perished in the Holocaust and in other genocides throughout history.

Many people shared their family stories. Speakers included Rabbi Gavin Broder, Rabbi Nathan Goddleman and representatives of the Goldsmiths Jewish Community Committee.

Guests also had a chance to light candles to remember the victims of the genocide.

The organisers said they wanted to “remind ourselves of our commitment and duty to learn from these events, so we can see a more peaceful world, free from these horrors”.

Taylor McGraa, an Education Officer at Goldsmiths, told ELL that she attends this ceremony every year.

She said: “We should remember the times when people have forgotten the impact that hate can have, and a lot of what people spoke about today is pressure against Muslims, against LGBTQ community and things like that – stuff that is still going on. It’s just important to commemorate and reflect, especially now, when everyone is so busy.”

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