Hackney pizzeria offers discount for People’s Vote supporters

Pizzeria Apollo, Pic: Mini Adventures website


An Italian restaurant in Stoke Newington is offering customers a Brexit deal they can really sink their teeth into.

Pizzeria Apollo is promising 25% off to anyone who writes to their local MP urging them to back a second EU referendum. All customers have to do is present a copy of their email or letter to claim a slice off the bill. The restaurant says: “Oozy tomato and mozzarella goodness may just be enough to tip the balance in favour of taking a stand with their local MP.”

Wood fired pizza, Pic: Pizzeria Apollo press release

Hackney voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, with 78% of the constituency voting to remain in 2016. Local MP Diane Abbott has previously said that a second referendum is “not off the table” for Labour, but that Leave would probably take the vote again.

The offer is set to last until a second referendum is called. If this does not happen, the deal will expire at the end of March as Britain exits the EU.

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