Lewisham martial arts club hoping for international prizes

Taekwondo team Pic: Mansoor Ahmad

Lewisham’s Aquila Taekwondo club says it is taking ten of its members to an international competition in Germany later this year.

The club, which teaches the traditional Korean form of martial arts, opened six years ago and has won multiple team trophies. In addition it has created four national champions and two European champions and has three students competing with the Great Britain national team.

Master Kuzey Akses (Black belt 5th Dan) helps prepare students for national and international championships. He said: “People join this for many various reasons:  competition, fitness and self-defence.”

The club also promises to transform lives and improve health. It runs weekly classes for both children and adults in Lewisham, Catford and Bromley. Youngsters can start from as young as four years of age and there is no maximum age limit. 

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