Riding the vegan WAVE: A new vegan café opens in Hackney


A Trio of Freakshakes Pic: WAVE Café

Veganism is riding a popularity wave. A new café,  WAVE ‘We Are Vegan Everything’, has opened in Hackney as enthusiasm for veganism continues to grow.

Caitlyn Thornhill and Sophie Beale co-founded the café after running a successful vegan bakery in Camden Market.  They said: “As we’ve grown up, we wanted the business to grow with us.”

Veganism has grown exponentially in the UK, with 42% of vegans making the change in the last year alone, according to the Vegan Society, a UK based charity. Sales of vegan food have increased by 1,500% in the past year.

But this isn’t a new idea. The Vegan Society has been encouraging people to go vegan for over 70 years.

Thornhill and Beale believe that veganism is “such a positive movement” so they created the café to make vegan food available and easy for everyone to buy.

The menu at WAVE serves food that’s not normally considered vegan, such as vegan smoked salmon and vegan sausage rolls.

Thornhill and Beale told East London Lines: “We had no idea we would be this busy since opening our doors.”

The launch party for WAVE will take place on Friday 8 February between 4-9pm at 11 Dispensary Lane, Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1FT.

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To find out more, visit their website: https://weareveganeverything.com

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