Tower Hamlets’ EU citizens told: “This is your home too”



Tower Hamlets Council has launched a ‘reassurance campaign’ to support people fearing for their futures after Brexit.The operation’s central message to the borough’s residents is that “this is your home too”.

With the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union edging ever-closer, many EU citizens have been unsure as to whether they will still be able to work in Britain without legal complications.

The council has been planning since last August to ensure the borough is as prepared as possible for life after Brexit.

Mayor John Biggs said: “I am proud that as a council, we are on the side of our EU staff and residents.”

He revealed that 1 in 7 inhabitants of Tower Hamlets are from the remaining 27 EU countries. “Our Brexit Commission has had the 41,000 residents from the EU at its heart, “ he added.  “They contribute a great deal to our organisation and our communities.

“This is their borough and we will continue to support them however we can.”

Tower Hamlets Council has made an online resource available to non-UK EU citizens called the ‘Brexit toolkit’. People without UK citizenship will have to apply for a settled status. Anybody who wishes to live in the UK after December 2020 will NEED to have a settled status. Applications open in March 2019.

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