Hackney Council funding for SEND in trouble

Hackney Town Hall, by Fin Fahey

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are in need of extra funding, according to Hackney Council.

£21 million has been granted to councils across the capital to reduce the demands on town hall budgets and help provide specialist support for SEND.  

However, that £21million is divided up leaving Hackney with just over £650,000 each year. Councillors in the education department still believe the amount is not sufficient enough.  

There is a funding gap of about £7.7 million for Hackney council to continue providing support for SEND children, due to a pervious long term funding gap.

The council supports 36 per cent more children and young people now due to the government’s increasing measures for SEND support in 2014. Therefore, children need support for longer (until they’re 25) but the government has not provided councils with extra funding to pay for the support.  

SEND chief Cllr Chirs Kennedy said: “We’ve long been calling on the government to address the funding crisis in SEND education, which is affecting councils across the country. While extra funding is of course welcome, it will barely touch the surface.

“If the government wants to make a real difference, it should undertake a full review of SEND funding to ensure every child in this country gets the support they are entitled to and deserve”.

A pledge from education secretary Damien Hinds to increase the number of educational psychologist, whom are responsible for assessing children needs and providing support.

Hinds said: “Every school should be one for a young person with special educational needs; every teacher should be equipped to teach them, and families need to feel supported”.

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