Hospital patients in Lewisham get video appointments with doctors

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust (LGT) is the first health trust in the UK to offer video appointments to cardiology patients, it’s believed.   People can download a free app named Q Doctorto speak to a health care professional online instead of attending a hospital appointment. A three-month pilot is underway and is already getting a positive response.

Pic: Q doctor app

Pic: Q doctor app

David Meynell was one of the first patients to use this service. He said: “The video consultation was incredibly convenient. I have multiple sclerosis and coming to hospital is a hassle.  Having a video appointment felt just like I was talking to my consultant in person which really put me at ease.”

Consultant cardiologist Dr Zeeshan Khawaja said: “This is a fantastic service for patients who have been discharged from A&E, and are referred for a follow-up cardiac appointment.”

He added: “Video appointments enable us as specialist healthcare professionals to engage rapidly with these patients to ensure that they get the care they need in a timely manner. We can provide important expert advice and arrange further tests where necessary without the need for patients to return to the hospital.”


Pic: Q doctor app

The Q doctor app is already being used by 75 GP practices and other health trusts across the country.

LGT said hospital appointments would continue to be provided for patients who need to see a healthcare professional in person.  They are also available for patients who don’t have a smartphone or would prefer an on-site appointment.

For more information, visit their website.

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