Security tightened around London mosques amid terror attack fear

East London Mosque. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

Security around London Mosques has been stepped up due to a growing fear for safety from residents in Tower Hamlets following the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand earlier this month.

London Metropolitan Police are providing security around East London Mosque (ELM), specifically during traditional Muslims Friday prayers.

Following last week’s Friday prayers, members of Tower Hamlets joined political leaders in ELM to discuss actions taking place for their safety.


East London Mosque meeting. Pic: ELM site

Chief Superintendent Sue Williams, Borough Commander, told people present at the event that there would be an increased police presence as they would not tolerate hate crime.

Habibur Rahman, Chairman of the East London Mosque Trust, recited a chapter from the Qur’an, then delivered a speech to the London Muslim Centre at the same event: “It is very, very important, particularly for people in authority and influence – our politicians and the media – to be very careful about the language that they use.”

This is taking place after 50 people were killed in the terror attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Panic in Tower Hamlets has been growing within the Muslim community after another violent attack near a mosque in Whitechapel on Monday.

Three white males in their 20s made anti-Muslim comments and attacked an Asian man, 27, with a hammer.

The victim was taken to hospital for head injuries but has since been released.

Asif Uddin, 25, a charity worker in Whitechapel and a resident of Tower Hamlets, told ELL:

“Protection should be nationwide if we go down this route. However, I believe Tower Hamlets Council should not deploy enforcement officers in excess at mosques because of attacks like this.

“If a particular mosque is at risk like starts receiving hate mail, then action should be taken. Putting more attention to this will create a fear mongering society, which is exactly what the terrorists want.”

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