Mad about Vintage: Personal Style

Jean Ocídio, 20 Pic: Olivia Campbell

On the third day of our ‘Mad about Vintage’ series, we took to Brick Lane’s famous market to talk to vintage lovers and how they style their clothes. 

Shoreditch is one of the most well-known and vibrant parts of London, and is known for its mix of colours, nationalities, cuisines and most importantly, style.

Brick Lane is where all the vintage magic takes place. We headed to the street’s iconic vintage market to ask experienced vintage shoppers and shop owners about their favourite eras and how they created their coveted look.

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Carmen, 18, a student at the Amsterdam Institute of Fashion:

“I shop in vintage stores and mostly flea markets. My main reason for going vintage is the sustainability side of things. I think that wearing clothes that people have thrown away is a good way to spend less money.”

“I live in Amsterdam and there are a lot of vintage boutiques that are very affordable and Vintage sourced. My skirt is from Ganni and my jacket is vintage Burberry. My boots are vintage too.

Monthly spend is around €50-€70 on a monthly basis. The highest amount of money I’ve spent is for the boots that I’m currently wearing. Which were €230 on my vintage boots!”

FROCKU workers: Mario Omar, Age: 50, Job: Fashion designer in menswear and Lola Newton, Age: 19, FROCKU vintage stall worker 

“We love the pieces that we sell at Frocku as well as the surrounding vintage stores in Brick Lane. You can always find something unique and stylish that is part of history. We tend to look at the quality and the provenance of the piece.”

Mario said: “my favourite era would be the ’50s. We love everything about that decade; the haircut, the clothes the styles everything is how I dress most days. He was wearing an American flight suit.”

Lola was wearing an oversized blazer with a black skirt and brace around the blazer’s shoulder.

They recommended that most fashion labels source their new designs from old vintage clothes from previous eras too. Vintage pieces: Oversized vintage blazer

Left to right: Carmen Verheijen, 18, Lola Newton, 19 and Mario Omar, 50 Pic: Parisa Borghei and Olivia Campbell

Lee Keating, 19, and Luke Geraghty, 19 from Dublin, Ireland

“Our friends all dress vintage and buy vintage. We buy vintage because it’s affordable and looks really cool.”

They continued:

“We usually look for items in charity shops and vintage markets such as this one (Brick Lane vintage market). We love the ’80s and ’90s look because of the different styles and colours that were in trend back then. We find that it’s the type of clothes that we’re drawn to.”

Lee was wearing a vintage jacket, shirt and Volkswagen belt, all of which he said he found at a charity shop in Dublin. His monthly spending varied between 70 a month and the most he’s spent on an item is £80.

Luke was wearing an oversized windbreaker, with blue jeans and vintage boots. His monthly spend was £60.

Left to right: Luke Geraghty, 19 and Lee Keating, 19 students Pic: Parisa Borghei

Shari Gill, 26 y/o from London

Wearing black fluffy Leatherette jacket which she found in a vintage store in London.

“I mostly look for items in small boutiques, flea markets and charity stores. The main reason for shopping vintage is for sustainability. I like how sustainable fashion is becoming more well known and more people are becoming familiar with it.”

“I don’t have a specific era that I love the most. I like to choose whatever fits my personal style.”

Palesa Dlamini, freelance stylist and also works at Brick Lane vintage market Keeka sports:

“I think for finding vintage items for myself, I try to look for items that are flattering for my shape. I usually shop in vintage stores and charity shops to find the best pieces. I sometimes also shop in sample sales to get the best deals too.”

“I’d say my favourite eras are the ’50s, ’70s and ’90s. These eras definitely have clothes that are good for my shape.”

Palesa was wearing vintage pattern trousers and a tan coat with black trainers.

Left to right: Palesa Dlamini, 26 and Shari Gill, 26 Pic: Olivia Campbell

Ariane Nguyen, 36 y/o, Stall worker at Magpie vintage

“I love vintage I think some of the pieces that you can find are so different and nothing like what you’d find in the high-street.”

“My favourite era would be the ’80s because of the big shoulders that were so in during that decade.”

“I’m currently wearing my vintage jeans that I wear all the time even when I’m not pairing it with any non-vintage items. (like today).”

Wearing: Vintage jeans

Looks for: ’80s big shoulders

Jean Ocídio, 20 y/o Performance artist, a former model. 

“My favourite era is the ’40’s, I love how classic it is. The colours and fabrics are what I love to incorporate in my personal style. I love the uniqueness and owning something from a moment in time.”

“I usually buy pieces from charity shops and vintage markets. There are some things that you can only find there.”

Left to right: Ariane Nguyen, 36 and Jean Ocídio, 20 Pic: Olivia Campbell

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