Sleepless London: Shining a bedside light on issues surrounding sleep loss

Sleep deprivation is effecting more and more Londoners Pic: Kevin Grieve

Sleep deprivation claims around 11 hours of the average UK adult’s sleep every week. Whether it’s work, stress or lifestyle related, 30 per cent of Londoners say sleep deprivation is one of their top health concerns.

Today, EastLondonLines launches its new series, Sleepless London. Over four days, we will investigate the various causes and effects which sleep loss is having on our boroughs. By raising awareness of some of these issues, we hope that more sufferers will learn to sleep easy and seek help if they need it.

It’s not all doctors and sleep specialists, though. By talking to locals and making this an interactive experience, the series asks you to consider your own sleep habits and determine whether or not you need to make a change or two.

So for the next four days, keep an eye out as residents share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learnt. Follow the hashtag #SleeplessLondon on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date as well.

Day 1

Quiz: How bad are your sleeping habits? 

Take our quiz to find out if you’re a sleepmaster or master of none.

Are you part of London’s insomnia epidemic? 

As sleep disorder diagnoses’ continue to grow in our boroughs, we take a look at where you can get help.

A tale of two insomniacs 

A sleep therapist reflects on some local resident’s account of their lives as insomniacs.

Day 2

Sleeping pill addiction: the silent health crisis?

Two former addicts share their stories of sleeping pill addiction, and how they came back from it.

An insomniac’s guide to London

Our interactive map will take you on a journey around the best 24-hour spots to visit when you can’t sleep.

Day 3

Slumped at your desk? Exhausted employees don’t work well

How does sleep deprivation effect productivity? We speak to a local professional, and his sleep doctor, about working with insomnia.

Meet the locals with natural sleep remedies

Four local shops share their tips and tricks for improving your sleep naturally.

Day 4

The ‘rough sleepers’ who hardly sleep

Sleep deprivation in the homeless is sparking major mental health issues – one man on the streets of Shoreditch tells his story.

Seven steps to improve your sleep

In this video, we share seven simple steps to ensuring you sleep better at night.

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