Everything you need to know about the EU elections

Candidates from Tower Hamlets and Hackney are standing in the European election on Thursday Pic: Paul Albertella

The European parliament elections are almost here, with the parties in London range from pro-Brexiters to animal well-fare advocates.

Tower Hamlets and Hackney are well represented, with three and four candidates respectively. Lewisham and Croydon only have one candidate each.

Standing in the elections are three candidates from the Tower Hamlets 2018 local elections. Liberal Democrat candidates Rabina Khan, who won as Shadwell councillor, and Jonathan Fryer who previously ran for the Mile End. The Liberal Democrats, whose new manifesto recently launched, are fighting to remain in Europe and tackle climate change.

Kirsty Finlayson, Conservative and Unionist Party candidate, previously ran for St Katharine’s & Wapping. Her party is running on a primarily pro-Brexit platform.

The Animal Welfare Party has put forward two candidates who ran in the 2017 general elections for the party in Hackney. Vanessa Hudson, leader of the party, ran in Hackney South and Shoreditch. Party member Jon Homan ran in Hackney North and Stoke Newington. The party is running first and foremost to further animal protections within society, but also said in their manifesto that they believe this is best done by remaining within Europe.

They are joined by Luke Parker, Conservative and Unionist Party candidate, who also ran for Hackney South and Shoreditch in the 2017 general elections.

Independent candidate Henry Muss, who is running for Climate & Ecological Emergency independents, is the Hackney Council Public Health Officer. As his party name suggests, he is focused on issues of climate change.

Daze Aghaji, chief Climate & Ecological Emergency independent, is a student at Goldsmiths, University of London in New Cross.  Activist turned politician, Adgaji’s statement to votes said: “My main aim in life is to create change and inspire a generation to realise politics is for all people and ensure everyone feels empowered through democracy.”

Croydon resident Peter Underwood is running for the Green Party. Underwood is the Conservation Volunteers senior project officer for Croydon and Surrey, and fittingly is running on a policy of climate action.

It may seem pointless to worry about European elections but UK could be an official member of the European Union until October 31.

British MEPs could still play an important role in constructing the new parliament, seeing which parties gain seats and power. This will affect future relations with the EU and how the UK’s interests align with theirs.

Not only that, but any Brexit deal must be signed off by the EU parliament. That includes the UK’s MEPs who will have influence over decisions on Brexit from the other side.

The EU elections work differently to general elections in the UK.

The voting process is mostly the same. Anyone registered to vote in the UK can do so in the three usual ways, in person, by post or by proxy. Votes are cast for parties or for independent candidates. All of this will take place at local polling stations on Thursday May 23.

The biggest difference comes in once the votes have been counted. Seats on the parliament are given by region, with London getting 8. Those seats are divided between the parties/candidates rather than all going to one. This is a form of proportional representation called the d’Hondt system.

So, if there were three parties with the votes divided as such:

Carrot Party 100 votes

Potato Party 80 votes

Broccoli Party 40 votes

Green Bean Party 10

The carrot party would be the first to get a seat. Its votes would then be divided by 2 (the number of seats the party has plus 1).


Carrot Party 50 votes

Potato Party 80 votes

Broccoli Party 40 votes

Green Bean Party 10

The next seat goes to the Potato Party, whose votes are divided in two.


Carrot Party 50 votes

Potato Party 40 votes

Broccoli Party 40 votes

Green Bean Party 10

The Carrot Party again has the most votes and gets another seat.


This continues until all 8 seats are divided among the parties/candidates. Those with the most seats hold the most power, similar to the UK parliament where the controlling party has a majority.

That isn’t to say that they hold the most power in the European Parliament, but among the MEPs from London the Carrot Party here is the most influential.

Taking this example to the end, the seats would be divided as shown:

Carrot Party 3

Potato Party 3

Broccoli Party 2

Green Bean Party 0


Essentially what this means is one party/candidate won’t hold all the power. But, it also means that parties/candidates with the least votes may not even get a seat.

In total there are 10 parties and 11 independents running. Independent candidates count as their own party, and the point of the system is that the parties are given seats and they choose who to fill them.

This website lists all parties and candidates by region. It includes party manifestos, candidate statements, and information on polling stations.

The full list of parties and candidates in London:


Animal Welfare Party                                   

Vanessa Hudson                                             

Jane Smith

Sam Morland

Ranjan Joshi                                                         

Mina Da Rui                                                         

Jon Homan                                                

Simon Gouldman                                           

Aileen Quinton


Brexit Party

Ben Habib

Lance Forman

Graham Shore

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

Adefolajimi Ogunnusi

Simon Marcus

Mehrtash A’zami

Aileen Quinton


Anti-Brexit Tories at Birmingham Bin Brexit march Pic: Ilovetheeu


Change UK                                                          

Gavin Esler                                                             

Jan Vincent-Rostowski                                         

Carole Tongue                                                       

Annabel Mullin                                                  

Karen Newman                                              

Nora Mulready                                         

Jessica Simor                                        

Haseeb Ur-Rehman                              



Syed Kamall

Dr Charles Tannock

Joy Morrissey

Timothy Barnes

Scott Pattenden

Attic Rahman

Kirsty Finlayson

Luke Parker


Green Party anti-austerity march Pic: Alan Stanton


Green Party                                                         

Scott Ainslie                                                             

Gulnar Hasnain                                                       

Shahrar Ali                                                         

Rachel Collinson                                             

Eleanor Margolies                                        

Remco van der Stoep                                  

Kirsten De Keyser                                          

Peter Underwood                                         



Claude Moraes

Seb Dance

Katy Clark

Laura Parker

Murad Qureshi

Taranjit Chana

James Beckles

Sanchia Alasia


Liberal Democrat Manifesto Pic: Arran Angus


Liberal Democrats                                              

Irina Von Wiese                                        

Dinesh Dhamija                                         

Luisa Porritt                                                  

Jonathan Fryer                                            

Hussain Khan                                           

Helen Cross                                                   

Graham Colley                                              

Rabina Khan     


UK European Union Party

Pierre Kirk

Richard Stevens

Saleyha Ahsan

Anna Novikova

Angela Antetomaso

Richard Boardman



Gerard Batten                                             

Richard Braine                                               

Peter Muswell                                          

Freddy Vachha                                         

Robert Stephenson                                 

Peter McIlvenna                              

John Poynton                                   

Ronie Johnson                            


Women’s Equality Party

Catherine Mayer

Bea Gare

Nanci Hogan

Aliyah Dunbar-Hussain

Hannah Barham-Brown

Alison Marshall

Olivia Vincenti

Leyla Mohan


Extinction rebellion protest Pic: Julia Hawkins



Daze Aghaji

Roger Hallam

Alan Kirkby

Kofi Klu

Zoe Lafferty

Claudia Mcdowell

Andrew Medhurst

Henry Muss

Mike Shad

Ian Sowden

Andrea Venzon


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