EU Parliament Elections – Lib Dems edge out Labour with most votes in Lewisham

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The Liberal Democrats edged out Labour in Lewisham in last week’s European Parliament elections, while Labour won the most votes in Hackney, Croydon and Tower Hamlets.

The results in Remain-voting London are not surprising and are at odds with national figures which saw the Brexit party top the polls, Labour and Conservatives suffer huge losses UKIP lose over 24 per cent of their vote share.

In the capital the Liberal Democrats finished top with 27.2 per cent of the vote with Labour in second place 23.9 per cent of the London vote. The Brexit party came in third place and the Green Party came in fourth. The Conservatives finished fifth in London but it was not enough to earn them a seat in the European parliament.

The MEPs who were elected for London are Irina Von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija and Luisa Porritt from the Liberal Democrats, Labour’s Claude Moraes and Seb Dance, the Brexit Party’s Benyamin Habib and Lance Forman as well as Scott Ainslie from the Green Party.

See how your borough contributed to the total London vote below.


The election results in Croydon were closest to the national average in terms of the amount of votes for the Brexit party, but they came in third place with 20,728 votes.

There was a close race between the top three parties with Labour finishing first with 22,375 votes and the Liberal Democrats getting 21,289 votes. The Green Party finished in fourth place with 10,629 votes and the Conservatives finished in fifth place in the borough.



The Liberal Democrats had the highest share of the vote in Lewisham with almost 29 per cent of the electorate. They were closely followed by Labour and the Green Party finished third.

The Brexit party finished a distant fourth in Lewisham and the Conservatives didn’t even manage fifth place as they finished with just 2,641 votes, almost half of Change UK who finished fifth.

The turnout was 42.22 per cent which is five per cent higher than the UK turnout.


Labour was the poll topper in Hackney by a large margin. They got 23,825 votes with second place Liberal Democrats and third place Green party finishing with 15,996 and 15,703 votes respectively.

The Brexit party wasn’t very popular in Hackney either as they finished with just over 4000 votes in fourth place. Once again, the Conservatives finished in sixth behind Change UK.

The turnout in Hackney was 41.7 per cent with 68,027 votes being cast.

 Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets also saw Labour top the poll with 25,602 votes, 37.6 per cent of the ballots. Liberal Democrats finished second with 16,883 votes.

The Green Party and Brexit party came third and fourth, followed by Change UK in fifth and the Conservatives in sixth.

The turnout in Tower Hamlets was 39 per cent, two per cent higher than the overall UK turnout.


In Comparison to the UK Vote

Overall, the main difference between our four East London Lines boroughs and the UK as a whole was the popularity of the Labour party. Labour won the popular vote in Croydon, Hackney and Tower Hamlets and finished a close second in Lewisham but only got 14.1 per cent of the popular vote across the whole of the UK.

The other major difference is that the Brexit Party was far less popular in the East London Lines boroughs than it was throughout the rest of the country. Across the UK, the Brexit Party got the highest proportion of the popular vote with 32 per cent but only Croydon came close to that, with the Brexit Party finishing in fourth place in Lewisham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

Click the link to see the full details on the number of votes for each party or candidate in Croydon, Lewisham, Hackney or Tower Hamlets.


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