Greens celebrating after strong results in Hackney

The Green party is celebrating strong wins across the capital [file picture of an anti-austerity march] Pic: Alan Stanton

The Green Party in Hackney is celebrating after securing their best results ever there in the recent European elections, securing 23 per cent of the votes.

This mirrored their nationwide results which saw their best results in 30 years, pushing the Tories into fifth place in England and Wales.

Following this performance, the Greens celebrated their victory not only in London but all over the UK as they won more than two million votes.

Results are showing that Green MEPs elected to the EU Parliament more than doubled from three to seven seats making up 10 per cent of the EU Parliament as its share of the vote increased by 4.6 per cent to 12.5 per cent.

“People recognise that we have a history of getting things done,” said Rachelle Collinson, co-chair of the Green Party regional council.

As Hackney is a Labour borough, the party led by Jeremy Corbyn topped the poll with 23,825 votes, followed by the Liberal Democrats in second place with 15,966 votes and the Green Party that came third with 15,703 votes.

Standing as a Green MEP candidate for London, Collinson told EastLondonLines that the success of the Greens was thanks to its message of ‘yes to Europe, no to climate change’. “Being clear on our wish to remain in the EU was definitely a selling point” she added.

She said their success in Hackney was a reflection of the diversity of its population and the growing number of people involved in a more sustainable way of living.

“Hackney is a diverse borough with a significant young population more aware of environmental issues. Only 15 per cent of residents are over 55 years old,” Collinson said.

Indeed, the latest results show that one in three voters under 30 voted Green across the EU.

And this it’s not only for London or for the UK – across the Continent, Green parties scored significant successes, particularly among younger people. In all of the UK, the Greens won more than two million votes.

In a context of greater visibility for environmental issues and climate change protests, Collinson said: “I’m delighted by the results but not surprised. Extinction Rebellion which shut down parts of London for several days highlighted how little time we have left to save the human race.

“The population is getting tired with mainstream parties and their inability to solve the problems that we all face. People ignored by the establishment, whose future is most at stake from climate change and leaving the EU will tend to vote Green.”

For Hackney, the voting turnout was 41.7 per cent and the total numbers of votes cast were 68,027

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