Locals enjoy street market despite the rain

Music stage. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

Residents of Tower Hamlets got together to enjoy live music, free food and dancing in an outdoor event.

The free Oval Night Market festival in Bethnal Green took place last weekend on Friday and Saturday.

The event had live music, a variety of art stalls, food joints and a cocktail bar.

Kirsty Riddell’s kiosk. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

Kirsty Riddell, an artist working one of the stalls was selling personalised postcards and plant pots.

She told Eastlondonlines she had studied painting and has been doing this “for quite a few years”.

She continued: “This is my first time setting up a stall at this market. I make all my designs by taking inspiration from the world around me”.


Caricature. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

The public could also have their cartoon self-portrait done, at the caricature stall.

Caribbean food stall. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

One of the food stalls had Caribbean food.

The chef at Caribbean Delicious told Eastlondonlines they had “smoked jerk chicken, rice and peas and dumpling”.

“My wife Antonette not here today but this is her business which she’s been running it for years”, he added.


Food stalls. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

Residents were enjoying the Mac n Cheese truck and Vegan Junk Food stand.

The vegetarian option ranged from Jackfruit Wings to Cajun Fries.


Burger stand. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

There was also a burger and fries joint, called Holy Cow.

They had Hummus Fries, Sriracha Fries, Pizza Fries and Holy Guacamole Fries


Craft Beer. Pic: Ayesha Rahman


Tahera Khatun in the festival. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

However, some complained the rainy weather was ruining the atmosphere.

Tahera Khatun, a university student attending the event said: “The food and vibe is nice, but I probably would have liked it more if it wasn’t raining”.

This festival will run throughout the summer. Dates are available on the Oval Night Market twitter page.

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