Ramadan 2019: Best places for Iftar in East London

Iftar. Pic: gosawa.com

The holy month of Ramadan has begun, and thousands of Muslims in London are now fasting on a daily basis for an entire month to celebrate and honour one of the most ancient religious practices in Islam.

Fasting rules are of a strict nature and are not something to underestimate: no food or drink (including water) is allowed until the sun sets and London’s increasing daylight is not making it any easier. For those who return home with no time to prepare Iftar, an evening meal to break the fast, an alternative option would be to do the research and take yourself and family/friends out.

During Iftar, hundreds of halal restaurants all across London open their doors to bring people together by offering a variety of menus, extended opening hours and special deals.

East London is known for its cultural diversity and the abundance of halal restaurants that not only serve good quality food at an affordable price but also provide special prayer rooms – all for the comfort for the Muslim community.

Eastlondonlines have selected the best restaurants in East London boroughs to help you save your time with the research of finding great places to break your fast at.

Harlem Soul

Location: 205 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JN

Opening hours:

Monday: 12pm–11pm
Tuesday: 12pm–11pm
Thursday: 12pm–11pm
Friday: 12pm–11pm
Saturday: 12pm–11pm
Sunday: 12pm–10.30pm

Description: Harlem Soul is an American restaurant that has a special Iftar set menu for those who are fasting this Ramadan. The restaurant offers a three-course halal menu and the food is served downstairs in their dining area. The mains include a classic cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich and the 'moving mountains burger'. The prayer room is also available on-site. A takeaway option is available.

Cost: £22.50 (three-course set menu and a drink)

The Best Turkish Kebab

Location: 125 Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BT

Opening hours:

Monday: 11.30am–2am
Tuesday: 11.30am–2am
Wednesday: 11.30am–2am
Thursday: 11.30am–2am
Friday: 11.30am–2am
Saturday: 11.30am–2am
Sunday: 11.30am–2am

Description: You are not mistaken if you understood the name of the restaurant literally. It does, indeed, serve the best Turkish kebab in London. The Best Turkish Kebab is a family-run Turkish restaurant with an outstanding reputation that opened its doors 34 years ago. Even The Mayor of London himself couldn't resist the temptation of the famous kebab. The place offers a wide range of kebabs, burgers and vegetarian dishes.

Cost: £5.50-£12.00 (average spend)

The Pie Factory

Location: 103 Whitechapel Rd, Shadwell, London E1 1JE

Opening hours:

Monday: 10am–10pm
Tuesday: 10am–10pm
Wednesday: 10am–10pm
Thursday: 10am–10pm
Friday: 10am–10pm
Saturday: 10am–10pm
Sunday: 10am–10pm

Description: The Pie Factory is a cosy diner that is famous for its homemade halal pies and breakfast/brunch dishes. During Ramadan, The Pie Factory offers a special Iftar platter at an affordable price. All the earnings from Iftar platters go directly to The Muslim Aid charity. Some of their traditional dishes are spinach & feta pie, chicken & mushroom pie and the infamous Shepherd's pie. If you want to try out something new, we recommend you try their speciality pies, such as kofta pie or chicken tikka masala pie.

Cost: £8.95 (Iftar platter price)

Beef and Birds

Location: 76 Brick Ln, Shoreditch, London E1 6RL

Opening hours:

Monday: 12.30pm–11pm
Tuesday: 12.30pm–11pm
Wednesday: 12pm–11pm
Thursday: 12pm–11pm
Friday: 12pm–11.30pm
Saturday: 12pm–11.30pm
Sunday: 12.30pm–11pm

Description: Beef and Birds is an American halal restaurant that offers their special Ramadan menu that includes specials, starters, and a wide selection of burgers. Their burgers menu is so fun and so quirky that it will probably take you a while to decide on your main. We were quite fond of their Truffle Shuffle burger, but don't be afraid to try The Raging Bull!

Cost: £12.95-£15 pp

Meze Mangal Restaurant

Location: 245 Lewisham Way, Saint John's, London SE4 1XF

Opening hours:

Monday: 12pm–11pm
Tuesday: 12pm–11pm
Wednesday: 12pm–11pm
Thursday: 12pm–11pm
Friday: 12pm–11pm
Saturday: 12pm–11pm
Sunday: 12pm–11pm

Description: Meze Mangal is a traditional Turkish restaurant located in New Cross, Lewisham. The restaurant has built itself quite a reputation for its grill dishes and meze. Although the place doesn't offer any specific Iftar deals, it has everything you could possibly ask for: a family-friendly venue, good-quality halal food and for all the tobacco lovers - shisha. If you try their famous shish kebab, be prepared to become a regular customer!

Cost: £13-£15 (main course)


Location: 11 Lewis Grove, Lewisham, London SE13 6BG

Opening hours:

Monday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Tuesday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Wednesday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Thursday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Friday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Saturday: 10.45pm–11.30pm
Sunday: 10.45pm–10.15pm

Description: Levante is a halal restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, including hot and cold meze dishes, pide and charcoal-grilled meat & fish.

Cost: £12 (average cost of the main course)

Karachi Cuisine

Location: 1113-1115 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4XD

Opening hours:

Monday: 12pm–12am
Tuesday: 12pm–12am
Wednesday: 12pm–12am
Thursday: 12pm–12am
Friday: 12pm–12am
Saturday: 10am–12am
Sunday: 10am–12am

Description: Karachi Cuisine features a Pakistani cuisine in a cosy and comfortable place with banquette seating and welcoming staff. The restaurant offers the all-you-can-eat Iftar buffet. Karachi Cuisine urges its customers to book the tables in advance to avoid disappointment. However, if you wish to order takeaway, the Iftar Box is a great alternative for those who prefer enjoying their meal at home. Delivery option is only available for the minimum orders of £20.

Cost: £13.95 Monday to Thursday and £17.95 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (buffet); £6.95 (starting price for the takeaway option)


Location: 235-241 High St, Croydon CR0 1QR

Opening hours:
Monday: 12pm–11pm
Tuesday: 12pm–11pm
Wednesday: 12pm–11pm
Thursday: 12pm–11pm
Friday: 12pm–12am
Saturday: 12pm–12am
Sunday: 12pm-11pm

Description: Atesh is a restaurant that is definitely going to make you remember your visit. The interior alone makes a pretty impressionable memory. Enjoy the taste of the great Mediterranean and Turkish food that ranges from mezes, stews & kebabs, seafood and vegetarian dishes. This place is perfect for a special occasion!

Cost: £16 (average cost of the main course)

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