Tower Hamlets celebrates International Dance Day

Dancers on stage in Tower Hamlets. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

Tower Hamlets residents joined together last Sunday to watch traditional performances from well-known Bangladeshi and Indian artists.

The event was held in Rich Mix, a local cinema in Bethnal Green, between 5pm-10pm.

Host Ahmed Kaysher. Pic: Ayesha Rahman

It was hosted by a famous poet and Indian classical musician, Ahmed Kaysher.

He wore a traditional red and gold Kurta while playing the drums throughout the event.

SoniaZ Fusion short dance clip. Video:EastLondonLines

Bangladeshi dance performer, Sabira Sultana Sonia, also performed at the event alongside her group SoniaZ Fusion.

Kaysher spoke of Sonia’s dancing history before the performance started.

SoniaZ Fusion dance performance. Pic:Ayesha Rahman

They performed a traditional Kathak dance, a form of Indian classical dance, while dressed in traditional bright green and red Saris and gold jewellery.

Sonia was trained by the famous Gurus of Bangladesh, Rahija Khanom Jhunu and Kabirul Islam Ratans.

Two groups joined to perform a traditional dance. Pic- Ayesha Rahman

A male group of dancers and SoniaZ Fusion, joined together to perform a cultural dance.

The men wore yellow Bangladeshi styled lungis, whilst playing Dhol drums and SoniaZ Fusion danced along with colourful scarves.

The event lasted for three hours and the turnout was huge. The audience witnessed a variety of traditional performances from well-known Bangladeshi and Indian singers and dancers. The styles ranged from folk to Indian classical dances.

Rahija Khanam Jhunu. Pic: The Daily Star

The event was dedicated to the late Rahija Khanam Jhunu, a famous dancer whoreceived the Ekushey Padak, the second highest civilian award in Bangladesh, in 1990.

An upcoming event called ‘The story of Bengali Oedipus’, will feature an ancient Bengali opera with English narratives.

It tells a Bengali love story while incorporating folk music and dance in a theatrical style.

This will be held at the Rich Mix Cinema in Bethnal Green on July 14.

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