Welcome to Eastlondonline’s campaign to raise climate change awareness

Climate change posters

Climate change is the issue of the moment Pic: Daria Shevtsova

Welcome to our EastLondonLines campaign on climate change, and how to combat it 

Over the past 50 years, average global temperatures have increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. 

These changes are already having major effects on our cities  in fact, they are getting warmer and warmer. Here at EastLondonLines the question isn’t whether climate change is happening – or whether humans are causing it. Instead, the question is: what can we do?

There’s no doubt that 2019 has been marked by environmental protests. People are mobilising to protect our planet and future generations. We’ve seen the rise of political movements like Extinction Rebellion fighting against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, ecological collapse and human extinction. Political parties such as the Green Party are getting more recognition from the public. Local activism is on the rise and London, although being the most polluted part of the UK, is becoming a world leader in improving the environment.  

Here at Eastlondonlines, we believe that everyone can make a difference by contributing locally.

Paul Urwin, from the Hackney Green Party, told ELL: “For a cleaner and safer air in London, it is urgent to reduce carbon footprint. Getting Greens elected to the London assembly in 2020 will help to push out our ambitions such as setting a clear date to get diesel cars out of the road, improve facilities for cycling and walking, and improve public transports 

“It’s outrageous that Hackney’s air is so bad. We are supportive of the council attempts to improve air quality around schools and we need urgent action to improve the air quality not only in Hackney but the rest of London.” 

To limit further damages to the planet the United Nations Development Program estimates that CO2 emissions must be cut by 45% in the next 11 years. Currently, 7.9 million Londoners live in areas that exceed global guidelines for one of the most dangerous toxic particles.  

To help you picture what we’re talking about here’s below a chart addressing the causes of CO2 emissions and levels in our four ELL borough.


Boroughs like Hackney and Tower Hamlets have the highest numbers of people living in London’s worst air quality area. 

During the next four weeks, we will post practical stories with tips which local residents can follow to combat climate change in the four ELL boroughs and we’ll highlight issues such as the efficiency of waste recycling in reducing CO2 emissions. Click here to find out about Extinction Rebellions and here for more information on the Green Party.  

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