Independent publishers in East London


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More independent publishers are appearing across London. East London’s independent publishing scene is buzzing. Graphic novels, poetry, memoirs, and many more genres are being made and distributed in the EastLondonLines boroughs, here are some popular publishers:


Filament Publishing 

They aim to find talented authors that are passionate about their subject. They work through a cloud based management system that gives authors the chance to publish “wherever they are in the world”.

All rights remain the property of the author and they emphasise the fact that you don’t need a literary agent to work with them.


What they publish…

Adventure, Biography, Business, Children’s book, Christianity, Education, Fiction, Health & Fitness, History, Local History, Humour, Mind body & soul, Personal Development, Politics, Self-help, Travel


Notable works include:

Cover of ‘Children of Hope’ by Simran Kahani

‘Children of Hope’ by Simran Kahani Pic: Filament Publishing

Children of Hope by Simran Kahani

A biographical story detailing Kahani’s life in a traditional family and her struggles with the shame that would come with refusing to take the path of an arranged marriage to a man her parents had found in India.


Cover of ‘the candy man’ by Jerry Bradley

‘The candy man’ by Jerry Bradley Pic: Filament Publishers

The Candy Man by Jerry Bradley

This fiction story follows the tumultuous life of James Blake and his journey from adoptee to a drug dealing martial arts expert and leader of the Triads.

The From Crew to Captain Series by David Mellor

This series is a guide for small business owners to start their own businesses successfully and continue to grow against the odds of failure.



Own It! 

Own it! regard themselves as a storytelling lifestyle brand. They aim to publish stories that motivate and excite people across many genres. They want to share and empower original and innovative storytellers. “Our final decision about what we represent and publish are always based on merit and merit alone.”

What they publish…

Works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s illustrated stories, and many other types of stories.


Notable works include:

The 392 by Ashley Hickson-Lovence

A fiction novel narrating the bus route between Hoxton and Highbury, it discusses gentrification, people, and perceptions. The reader is put in the shoes of multiple characters and thrown into their hidden stories, agendas, and thoughts.

Reflections of me by Kirsty Latoya 

Reflections of me is an art and poetry book that looks into mental health, particularly Latoya’s own experiences and what it meant to her racially as well.

Mama can’t raise no man by Robyn Travis 

A challenging and witty novel about a young man that finds himself in prison again after domestic violence and intent to supply drugs charges. The story takes a radical look at black masculinity.


Influx Press

They are an independent publisher that publish “challenging” fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They started in Hackney in 2012 and make an effort to publish radical titles. Kit Caless co-founder of Influx press told East London Lines:

“Influx Press is routed in place. Our books, more often than not, have a heavy focus on location and geography – allowing our authors to shine a light on a small area in order to illuminate larger truth. We specialise in short stories and breaking new, debut authors.
“But the thing that really stands out is that Gary Budden and I, who founded Influx, have known each other since the first day of year seven at secondary school. A publishing house built on friendship is a publishing house built on trust, belief and an immense amount of bickering.”

What they publish…

Memoirs, poetry, unorthodox travel guides, satirical non-fiction, short stories and fiction.

Notable works include:

Cover of ‘This Way to Departures’ by Linda Mannheim

‘This Way to Departures by Linda Mannheim Pic: Influx Press

This way to departures by Linda Mannheim 

This is a collection of short stories that focus on the lives of 12 expats who have moved involuntarily and by choice.

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Cover of ‘Car Park Life’ by Gareth E. Rees

‘Car Park Life’ by Gareth E. Rees Pic: Influx Press

Car park life by Gareth E Rees

In this non-fiction journey Rees explores the underestimated urban landscapes across the UK, particularly car parks, and delves into a Brexit Britain that can be viewed through the car park’s seemingly irrelevant guise.

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Cover of ‘Hold Tight’ by Jeffrey Boakye

‘Hold Tight’ by Jeffrey Boakye Pic: Influx Press

Hold Tight: Black Masculinity, Millennials & the Meaning of Grime by Jeffrey Boakye

A deep look into the genre of Grime as well as a narrative of what it is like to be a Black man in Britain.


No Brow

No Brow was started by Sam Arthur and Alex Firo in 2008. They served to publish great design, art and narratives. They encourage diverse young talent as well as their established talents.

What they Publish…

Children’s books, illustration books, comics, fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, activity books and many more.


Notable works include:

Kingdom by Jon Mcnaught

In this graphic novel a family embark on a long weekend to the British coast in a caravan. The story brings the plain topic to life with dramatic imagery and attention to detail.

One day on our blue planet by Ella Bailey

This is a children’s series detailing a day in the life of a particular animal, specifically what it is like to live in that animals habitat.

Mean Girls Club by Ryan Heshka

The Mean Girls Club comic is set in the 1950s but gives a completely different side to the normal 50s stereotype. It focuses on the ritualistic meeting between the club members as they pay tribute to the ancestors that founded the club.

Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor is an independent publishing house started in 2003 by Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe. They edit and publish with help from freelance editors, designers and illustrators on works commissioned on a project by project basis.

What they publish…

Psychedelic works, non-fiction, pagan literature, fiction, illustrated books, music books, memoirs and many more genres.


Notable works include:

All in the Downs by Shirley Collins 

All in the Downs is a passionate memoir recording the interesting life of legendary singer, folklorist and music historian Shirley Collins. It harps on the affect the English landscape and traditional music had in shaping her life.

Breaking convention Volume III: Psychedelic pharmacology for the 21st century by Various authors

This book holds a collection of essays originally presented at Breaking Convention 2015. Breaking Convention is one of the worlds largest platforms into the serious research of psychedelic pharmacology in order to treat various mental illnesses such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse.

A hidden landscape once a week by Mark Sinker

An anthology of essays, conversations, commentary, and memories exploring the height of Britain’s music press during the 1960s to 1980s. It talks about the off-mainstream culture of the music press and their use of weeklies, monthlies and fanzines to understand music.


Tower Hamlets

Penned in the Margins

Penned in the Margins started as a reading series underneath a railway arch in South London in 2004. They aim to give risk takers a voice through publication and performance.

What they publish…

Poetry, fiction, local history works, essay collections, and many more genres.


Notable works include:

Cover of ‘Sunshine’ by Melissa Lee-Houghton

‘Sunshine’ Melissa Lee-Houghton Pic: Penned in the Margins

Sunshine by Melissa Lee-Houghton

This is a poetry collection about addiction, abuse, and mental health. It also delves into contemporary topics such as social media.


Cover of ‘Forgive the Language by Katy Evans-Bush

‘Forgive the Language’ by Katy Evans-Bush

Forgive the language: Essays on poets and poetry by Katy Evans-Bush

This is a book of essays that place poetry at the centre of modern culture, exploring the relationship between life and art.

In the catacombs: A summer among the dead poets of West Norwood cemetery by Chris McCabe

McCabe looks into West Norwood Cemetery for South London’s great poets, buried in the formerly dubbed Millionaires Cemetery. The book looks into why these great writers were forgotten and works by Hopkins, Tennyson and Dickinson are still revered today.



Deptford Forum Publishing

This Lewisham based publisher particularly produce historical writing that focus on South East London’s history.

What they publish…

Non-fiction, fiction, local history works, and racial history books.


Longest Journey: A history of black Lewisham by Joan Anim-Addo

This local history book looks into the effects of triangular trade on black history.

Turning the tide: The history of everyday Deptford by Jess Steele

Deptford’s vast history is brought to light in this local history book, from the Roman times to present it talks about the Battle of Deptford Bridge in 1497 to the Battle of Clifton Rise in 1977. Many huge historical events are documented.

One thing and another by Mel Wright

This is a fictional novel about a group of people in the seaside town of Hastings and their friendship during the recession.

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