Lewisham underlines plans to tackle air pollution as climate protests continue

 Green Chain Walk, Beckenham Place Park,  Pic: N Chadwick

Lewisham council have declared a nine-point plan to improve air quality and aim to have a net zero carbon footprint in the borough by 2030.

The council announced their plans as climate changes protesters staged a series of traffic stopping protests aimed at disrupt commuters on their way to work last Friday morning.

Lewisham Council said: “Air pollution is a public health emergency. We are determined to tackle this emergency and provides a snapshot of the work we are doing to improve air quality for everyone.”


The council stressed it was taking the following action:

Climate Emergency is being implemented to establish a carbon offset fund and reduce carbon emissions from transport to make Lewisham carbon neutral by 2030.

Working with TFL, the council aims to implement new segregated cycle routes to encourage residents to cycle as opposed to drive. The new routes will connect Tower Bridge and Greenwich by autumn.

The Low Emission Vehicle Charging Strategy will be submitted to the Mayor and Cabinet to address the shortage of electric vehicle charge points in July.

The consultation on parking charges policy aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

The transformation of Beckenham Place Park and the Greening Fund aims to increase green spaces in Lewisham.

To decrease air pollution around schools, the council proposes supporting road closures and installing green or living walls through cooperation with parents and teachers.

The ultra-low emission zones mean vehicles that exceed the emission standard will be charged £12.50 per day when travelling in these zones.

A free app called Lewisham Air can be used to check air quality and enables users to set a route that will allow them to avoid areas with poor air quality. This app will cover all boroughs of London.

The Healthy neighbourhood programme, that implement measures to change residents lifestyle such as setting barriers and building cycle routes, to encourage people to walk or cycle rather than drive.

Lewisham council will also be working with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Cleaner Air Villages to optimise efforts to reduce pollution and congestion in the borough.

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