Recycle, reuse and repair – Zero Waste Hub launches in Clissord Park

Plastic-Free Hackney at Zero Waste Hub Pic: Hackney Council

Dozens of people turned up to Zero Waste Hub, a free pop-up community event for Hackney residents to reuse, repair or learn new recycling skills held  in Clissord Park, Stoke Newington last Saturday.

People could donate items they do not need such as books, toys, clothes, bikes or household items, take what they need and repair electrical items, textiles or bicycles for free on the day.

Zero Waste Hubs replace Hackney Council’s Give and Take Days, where last year nearly 600 people donated and collected items for free, diverting around five tonnes of waste from disposal.

Hackney Council co-host the event with Plastic Free Hackney, Hackney Fixers, Forest Recycling Project, TRAID and Peddle My Wheels.

Pop-up bike market by Peddle My Wheels Pic Shao Yu Teng

Councillor Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Sustainability and Community Services, said: “By keeping products and materials in use, we can contribute to the regeneration of the natural systems on which we depend and re-orientate our economic system to deliver permanence and prosperity for all. ”

James Diamond from Hackney Fixers, told ELL: “The Zero Waste Hubs are a great idea so people can get some ideas and practical support for a more sustainable way of living with less impact on the planet.”

“Hackney Fixers can help you fix your electrical and electronic items. You’ll work with one of our volunteer fixers help you diagnose the problem, fix it if possible, and learn new skills. ”

Hackney Fixers at Zero Waste Hubs Pic: Shao Yu Teng

Bettina Maidment, the founder Plastic-Free Hackney told ELL: “It’s great to see the council take a proactive approach to informing residents of what they can do and provide the services needed to mend what he have to throwaway less. ”

“Plastic-Free Hackney will advise residents and businesses of the work our campaign does as well as offering advice for those looking to reduce their own plastic consumption. ”

Zero Waste Hubs will be held again on September 14, 2019 at Grazebrook Primary School and January 26, 2020 at Redmond Community Centre. For more information you can visit

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