Women’s equality, CLR James and the Russian revolution – documentary film festival comes to Lower Clapton

Pic: WORLDwrite

Hackney based education charity WORLDwrite will host a Mini Film Festival at its centre in Lower Clapton this Saturday to screen its award-winning documentaries on topics from women’s equality to global development.

All the films set to screen were crowdfunded and crowdfilmed by Hackney volunteers who aim to offer viewers a refreshingly positive view of humanity’s potential to create a better society.

The festival will start with a film shot in Ghana that damns romantic visions of rural poverty and captures the aspirations of subsistence farmers who yearn for modernity and a better life called “I’m a subsistence farmer…get me out of here!

This will be followed by a film called “Women: a success story” which picked up the trophy for Best International Documentary Feature Film at the London International Motion Picture Awards last month. It documents the great advances of the past 100 years and celebrates women as equals in the West today.

In the afternoon, the festival will screen a feature-length documentary called “Every Cook Can Govern: The life, impact & works of C.L.R. James. ” The film interweaves never-before-seen footage of the Trinidadian writer James with personal contributions from those who knew him and analysis from leading scholars of his work.

The myth-busting documentary titled “1917: Why the Russian Revolution matters” explains the significance of the Russian October Revolution. It explores the context, causes and consequences of ten days that shook the world and went on to define politics and international relations throughout the twentieth century.

The festival will close with “A Letter to Geldof”, a documentary shot in Ghana. It reflects on the meaning of promises and the treatment of Africa as a cause for celebrities.

The charity is providing twenty free seats at the festival for 16-25 year olds who email the charity at world.write@btconnect.com for a ticket. Otherwise, tickets for individual screenings or the full day can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mini-film-festival-saturday-15th-june-tickets-62637072169 .

Attendees can sign up for free filming trainings by WORLDwrite on the day.

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