Lewisham MP writes in support of GARA’s anti-racism occupation

The MP for Lewisham, Vicky Foxcroft has written a letter to the Acting Warden of Goldsmiths college, urging her to “Call off legal action and get back round the table with the occupation”.

This comes after the Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action group (GARA) were issued with an eviction notice on Tuesday after occupying Deptford Town Hall for the past 4 months.

In her letter Ms Foxcroft raised concerns that this move toward legal action would undo the work that has already been done by the occupation she said: “The decision to take legal action goes against any reconciliation that I understand has previously taken place and I worry it will undermine any progress that was made in earlier meetings”.

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The MP for Lewisham is not alone in her display of support against legal action. The University College Union’s (UCU) regional office has written to Acting Warden, Professor Elizabeth Hill with their support for the GARA occupants.

Over 200 Goldsmiths staff have contacted her in support of GARA and over 1,300 people have signed another letter to Professor Hill protesting against the court action.

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Acting Warden, Professor Elizabeth Hill is yet to make comment in response.


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Update: Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action issued with eviction notice

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