The artists using recycled material to craft unique jewellery

Friends Hana Khan and Hasmita Hirani have a stall at Brick Lane Pic: Melania Valeri.

Based in Brick Lane, one of the most artistic and creative markets in London, the brand Hana + Hasmita sells handcrafted jewellery and accessories.

Founded by friends Hana Khan and Hasmita Hirani, both 29, the business started in 2012 making rolled paper pencils, made of coloured papers tightly rolled around high-quality graphite lead.

The idea came after the pair got involved with a project to create the UK’s first design pound shop – dubbed the Poundshop.

Hirani explained: “We made so many pencils at the time and we had so much of the paper leftovers. We didn’t know what to do with it, but they were too pretty to throw them away.”

The pair went into business together in 2012 Pic: Hana + Hasmita website.

“So we got the idea of setting it in the resin, adding gold leaves and nail bits, to make rings, earrings, necklaces and other accessories”.

Hirani studied illustration, at Camberwell College of Art, and Khan studied Architecture in Sheffield University. After graduating in 2012, they decided to start working together, making use of their artistic skills and made their jewellery making the business their full-time job.

Khan said: “We started being here in Brick Lane since Christmas in 2017 on Sundays and we have recently started working here on Saturdays too, due to customers’ demands.

“We try to make versatile jewellery and accessories to keep up with customers’ requests and the rapidly changing market. We make our handcrafted items at Hana’s home studio and we have now started making customised greeting cards to introduce something new for our loyal customers”.

The duo say than can make customised items Pic: Hana + Hasmita Instagram.

The aim of the brand is to produce unique items, using recycled and natural materials. Each piece produced is distinctive and different from the others. They said: “Each one of our products is designed and produced by us, but we can accommodate customers request to produced customised items.”

Hana Khan and Hasmita Hirani products can be browsed and purchased online on their website.

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