Commuter anger after 83 year-old XR protester glues himself to DLR train

XR Protesters Credit: Julia Hawkins

A Extinction Rebellion activist has been arrested yesterday after glueing himself to a DLR train at Shadwell Station.

This comes after weeks of protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion in the heart of the capital.

Phil Kingston, 83, from Bristol, has previously been arrested 12 times.

The capital-wide protest caused havoc this morning as the Jubilee line and the DLR were all disrupted by protesters leading for some angry commuters to take it into there own hands. As some violent scenes appeared at Canning Town station yesterday morning.

Iain Dunnett, a co-ordinator for an XR affinity group in Brighton, tells ELL how the scenes we saw yesterday were not received well by Extinction Rebellion: “There was a lot of communication from all affinity groups back up the chain to XR Central that this would be a bad idea. For many reasons. Why target an electric mode of transport? Why target the workers who work in the financial district? This is an area of traditionally low income families who may be on zero hour contracts and for whom being late for work could be disastrous.”

Despite this blip Dunnett remains defiant that this negative publicity will not harm the movements progression in the long term: “There was much negative publicity yesterday from all sections of the media. This was to he expected. XR were quick to own the action and respond pointing out that 78% of the movement (those that voted) voted against it. That it was regrettable and XR would review procedures to ensure there is no repeat of this.”

Despite Extinction Rebllion’s ban from London protest, surely this will not be the last we hear from them.

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