Lewisham teen singing sensation heads to New York

Young Teen performing at AMOL festival.
Pic: Nebih Ratkoceri

“It’s the best feeling when you win trophies for something that you love doing.” 

14 year old school girl from Lewisham and professional singer in the making, Alketa Ratkoceri is talking about the highlights of her music career so far. 

Ratkoceri won first prize at the AMOL Festival in Kosovo- an international singing competition which is held annually in many different countries, giving people the chance to have their singing voices heard. 

Her winning performance of the song Listen from the film Dream Girls means she will be jet setting to New York City for another competition in March 2020.

“There were many people of different people of different ages and amazing singing voices, so I was ecstatic when I won.” said Ratkoceri.

Her singing talent has certainly transformed her life. 

“It offers me many opportunities, for example, I get invited to many events and festivals to perform.”

“I’ve been on national television and been on interviews, as well as perform international in different countries.”

And Ratkoceri is clear why she likes singing.

“The best thing about singing is that I am able to express my emotions through singing, whether it’s a sad song or a happy song. 

I get nervous beforehand though when I’m on stage I feel completely different.”

“I feel like I’m in my own world when I start singing, it’s something I’m so passionate about and I love singing for people.” said Ratkoceri.

Ratkoceri’s passion for singing started when she was six and at nine she began singing lessons at Songbird Vocals in Orpington, with her teacher Michelle Stratford; who has been helping her to boost the young teen’s confidence and practice her singing for the last five years.  

“When I was younger I would watch X-Factor and it would always motivate me to practice harder everyday so I could one day be on that stage singing in front of those judges.” said Ratkoceri.

When asked what advice she would give to other younger girls striving to be like her, she replied: “I would say just don’t give up and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. 

Something very important I would say is to work very hard and practice every single day.”

With the love and support of her parents, who moved to the UK from Kosovo and Michelle; Ratkoceri has high hopes for the future and aspires to be like Ariana Grande one day.

Ratkoceri will continue to pursue a career in music “However, I will always make sure to focus on school and achieve the best I can in both singing and my education. “

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