Victorian Pub in Haggerston to be demolished and replaced by flats and a bar

The 183-year-old Acorn Pub is to be demolished Pic: Flickr

Historic pub in Haggerston after 183 years in business is due to be demolished despite efforts from the council such as the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and the Hackney Society to conserve it.  

The decision to take down the Acorn pub on Queensbridge Road follows a three-year-long battle to save it from closure. The Hackney Society argue that the move would cause “significant harm to the immediate and wide environment.”

Nick Ferry of the Hackney Society said of the decision: “The fate of The Acorn lays the idiosyncrasies of the Planning regime bare. On March 2018 an Inspector appointed by the Government – DJ Board – came to the opinion that alterations made over the years and the cluttered appearance – all of which were plainly reversible – were factors which reduced the value of the historic asset to the point that it’s demolition and replacement was worthwhile.

“It’s deeply frustrating to have such a view prevail in the face of views to the contrary by groups representing the local community and environment – and that know it best.”

The pub has also received the backing of CAMRA, which had nominated the building as an asset of community value in an attempt to preserve it. 

CAMRA objected to the scheme, citing “a prominent example of where the streetscape has been detrimentally impacted by the loss of an historic pub and replacement with a sterile block.

“We note that this pub has not been marketed, in spite of much local interest amongst pub operators. There is no suggestion that the continued operation of a pub in the historical building is not entirely viable and sustainable.”

The Victorian pub will be replaced by a seven-storey building, including luxury flats and a bar.

Neighbours were notified of the project to which a few made objections citing concerns for noise and disturbance, “loss of property value”, as well as a possible detraction “from the character of the neighbourhood.” 

London lost 25% of its pubs between 2001 and 2016. While some boroughs like Barking and Dagenham, Croydon, or Lewisham have suffered the greatest losses, the numbers of pubs in Hackney has increased by 3% since 2001. 

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