Christmas celebrations commence in Croydon

Centrale Shopping Centre decorated for the occasion. Pic: Jordan Lane

A Helter Skelter, live music, and falling snow were at the heart of ‘Croydon’s Christmas Celebration’ as it opened in the North End today, marking the start of Croydon BID and Check Out Croydon’s plans for the festive season.

On the street between Centrale & Whitgift Shopping Centres, families and friends laughed and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The Helter Skelter outside Whitgift, seen through the snow. Pic: Jordan Lane

Snow machines positioned on the roof of Centrale rained snow on excited children every hour from midday to 6:00pm. Magic, and singing-and-dancing shows were held every half hour in a sheltered marquee. Kids clutched at balloons, reluctant to trust others with them as they took their turn riding the towering Helter Skelter at the centre of it all.

The view from below as snow falls on Croydon shoppers. Pic: Jordan Lane

Marika Smith, 27, who works in events, said: “The day has been awesome! It is always great to see the people of Croydon get together and have fun and celebrate Christmas.”

DeepVocalz, 26, a beatboxer from Penge who performed as part of the festivities, said: “Christmas is a time of year where – no matter who you are – people come together, and they have something in common; that’s Christmas, that’s unity. You get so caught up in the things of life… But, it’s that one time of year when it’s how it should be.”

Susie, 6, from Croydon, told Eastlondonlines at the bottom of the Helter Skelter: “I wanna go again! I wanna go again!”

Most of the attractions (including the Helter Skelter) will still be in place tomorrow and the snow machines will bring joy every day right through to Christmas Eve, including during Croydon’s annual Christmas Market starting on November 28.

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