McDonald’s and Union in dispute over ‘McStrike’ numbers

The striking workers. Pic: Charles Woodham

McDonald’s claim just three striking workers were officially at the London ‘McStrike’ that took place earlier this week, disputing union figures from the event. 

‘McStrikers’ took to the streets on Tuesday to protest low pay and zero hour contracts and to get McDonald’s to officially recognise their union.

Eastlondonlines was told by a McDonald’s spokesperson that just three members of staff officially attended the strike action, which saw workers march from south London to Downing Street to deliver an open letter to Prime Minister asking for a response to their demands for a new deal.  

McDonald’s have also claimed that the only attendees were 3 Wandsworth branch workers. However, an official statement from the Bakers Union directly contradicts these claims. They told Eastlondonlines that over 30 workers were involved in strike action and present at the protest.  

The Bakers Union also confirmed that the strike action affected six different stores, including Lewisham based Deptford, Catford and Downham branches.

The Bakers Union told Eastlondonlines: “McDonald’s have responded to the strikes by demonstrating their complete disregard for their workers and inventing an estimate of how many workers are striking. The estimate was released hours before many workers have begun their shifts today making it impossible for McDonald’s to know how many workers will strike in total.” 

The strike had support from the wider east London community and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke at the event.

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