Cronx Boutique brings Christmas cracker of gifts to Croydon

Glenn Foster also known as The Croydon Photographer, Giselle Rambaran and Johnny Larran of IvyRose London, and Maddy Duxbury founder of East Croydon Cool. Pic: Glenn Foster

In a gloriously made-over shipping container huddled in frosty East Croydon, Cronx Boutique have opened their first pop-up shop to satisfy all your Croydon inspired merchandise needs. Located on Caithness Walk, it’s here just in time for the Christmas season, and will run until December 24.

The cool welcome to Cronx Boutique. Pic: Maddy Duxbury

A collaboration between three home grown brands;  East Croydon Cool,  Croydon Photographer, and IvyRose, items are priced from just three pounds, making even the dreaded office secret Santa a potential target for some Croydon gear. 

East Croydon Cool, set up in 2016 to show newcomers why Croydon and Cool belong together, contribute a range of tongue-in-cheek merchandise including mugs, magnets and postcards to foster a sense of local pride. 

The merchandise wears slogans such as ‘I’m so Croydon, I’m so South’ – a riff on lyrics from Croydon-born Stormzy’s song ‘Shut up’. Merchandise splashed with ‘New York, Paris, Milan, Croydon’ is also on offer to punters.

Maddy Duxbury, founder of East Croydon Cool, told Eastlondonlines that “The Cronx” is a blend of Croydon and The Bronx- “an affectionate term for our often maligned borough.” It is believed that the term ‘Cronx’ was originally coined by Mark Russell and Simon Dale when they set up the Cronx Brewery in 2012.

Asked why she feels the need to shout her love of Croydon from the rooftops, Duxbury told Eastlondonlines: “Croydon historically has had a bit of a negative reputation, but it’s got so much going for it!’ 

Duxbury, who is most proud of the town’s creative community, said “Croydon has a great mixture of people whose varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences ensure a diverse mix of exhibitions, events and performances throughout the year.”

Framed and unframed signed prints, cards and coasters featuring iconic Croydon architecture and brutalist silhouettes will be on offer from Glenn Foster, the Croydon Photographer. Watching his town change so visually over recent years inspired this born and bred Croydon boy to create art from his surroundings, which can now be hung on the wall of every Croydon crib.   

Last but not least, IvyRose, designers of ethical streetwear, accessories and prints, will have on offer their much loved  ‘Cronx Life’, ‘Cronx Gal’ and ‘Pouvoir des Filles’(Girl Power) t-shirts. 

‘Croydon is always a good idea’, especially for a ‘Croydon Boy.’ Pic: Maddy Duxbury

This pop-up experience is a miniature reflection of Croydon’s wider strategy to re-vamp it’s brand, having recently applied to be London’s Borough of Culture 2019.

It already boasts an eclectic array of talents and locally-rooted innovations- one of the most famous being the legendary Kate Moss.

Croydon crafters are invited to join their Thursday night Cronxmess Crafting sessions hosted in partnership with Art Club Croydon.


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