“Disgraced” former police officer stole from dead

Graeme Williams, “disgraced” ex Metropolitan Police Sergeant who stole from the deceased. Pic: Met Police

A former police officer with 26 years service who stole thousands of pounds worth of property from dead people was convicted of theft charges at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Graeme Williams, 66, was found guilty of theft on three counts, taking place between 2012 and 2015, worth a total of £11,000.

During his 26 years as a sergeant for the Hackney borough area of the Metropolitan Police, Williams acted as a first point of contact for sudden deaths. Following his retirement he continued as a civilian volunteer, cataloguing and protecting the estate of the deceased until it could be returned to its rightful heir. In this role he abused his position and carried out the thefts.

Detective Constable Matt Wigg, who led the investigation, branded Williams’ actions as “disgraceful”.  He added: “To steal from the dead is shameful. It begs belief that someone who was a trusted police officer would behave like this”.  

A public apology on behalf of the Metropolitan police was issued by Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett: “I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the families affected in this case. It is disgraceful they have suffered further distress at a time when they were mourning their loved ones.” 

The case is being considered by the Metropolitan police’s Directorate of Professional Standards and he is due back at Snaresbrook Crown Court to be sentenced on January 7.  

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