#ELLGE2019 Lewisham landslide for Labour in the face of national Tory sweep

Victoria Foxcroft and Janet Daby with their team. Pic: Charles Woodham

By James Bayley and Charles Woodham

All three Labour MPs retained their seats in the Lewisham constituencies, albeit with reduced majorities and in the looming shadow of the Conservative majority last night.

Vicky Foxcroft was re-elected MP for Lewisham Deptford, first elected in 2015, she saw her majority reduced to 59.4 per cent, down from 64.3 per cent of the vote.

Her speech capped off an emotional night: “I urge you if you are Conservative in this room and you have stood on a manifesto that has promised extra policing and funding for our youth services that you make sure your party delivers it because we sure as hell will hold you to account.” 

Vicky Foxcroft giving her victory speech. Pic: Lewisham Council

Her Lewisham West and Penge counterpart Ellie Reeves also vowed to take the fight to the Tories via a video message which she delivered from her home because of the feeding schedule for her newborn baby.

She told the room: “Our schools are struggling to make ends meet, our NHS has been severely under-resourced and we are experiencing a housing crisis. Once more, the introduction of universal credit has pushed many families into unnecessary poverty.” 

“I will continue to fight against Brexit and campaign for a second referendum and for remain.”

The first announcement of the night came for Lewisham East, where Janet Daby retained the seat with 50.2 per cent of the vote and reaffirmed her desire to remain in the European Union. She told Eastlondonlines: “We are fighters.”  

Ellie Reeves issued her victory speech via video link. Pic: Charles Woodham

Daby added “I would have liked to have seen a more positive polling prediction for the Labour Party, so I’m finding that difficult at the moment. There were a lot of policies and maybe some people thought it was a bit like a Christmas wishlist.” 

Critics of the Labour manifesto suggested their spending plans could not stand up to scrutiny. Daby went on to say: “There are so many amazing things that could have helped bring about change to improve people’s lives and their sense of dignity and I’m still hoping that we can push through with that in some way.”  

Foxcroft urged Labour voters not to give up, saying in her victory speech: “We know we are going to have so many fights and battles. We know our council has had such a strain in terms of cuts.”  

Speaking directly to the Conservatives in the room, as a rallying call for remaining Labour MP’s she said:  “We will stand up for our local community and we will not let you decimate it, and I swear by this.” 

Lewisham West and Penge

Ellie Reeves (Labour)31,86061.2-5.4
Aisha Cuthbert (Conservative)10,31719.8-3.2
Alex Feakes (Liberal Democrats)6,26012.0+5.8
James Braun (Green Party)2,3904.6+2.4
Teixeira Hambro (Brexit Party)1,0602.0+2.0
Katherine Hortense (Christian People’s Alliance)2130.4-0.2

Lewisham East

Janet Daby (Labour)26,66159.5-8.5
Sam Thurgood (Conservative)9,65321.5-1.5
Ade Fatukasi (Liberal Democrats)5,03911.2+6.8
Rosamund Adoo – Kissi – Debrah (Green Party)1,7063.8+2.1
Wesley Pollard (Brexit Party)1,2342.8+2.8
Maureen Martin (Christian People’s Alliance)2770.6+0.1
Mark Barber (Independent)1520.3+0.3
Richard Galloway (Young People’s Party)500.1+0.1
Elder Roger Mighton (Independent)430.1+0.1

Lewisham Deptford

Vicky Foxcroft (Labour)39, 21770.8-6.2
Gavin Haran (Conservative)6, 30811.4-2.3
Bobby Dean (Liberal Democrats)5, 77410.4+5.1
Andrea Carey Fuller (Green Party)3, 0855.6+2.6
Moses Etienne (Brexit Party)7891.4+1.4
Tan Bui (Independent)1300.2+0.2
John Lloyd (Alliance for Green Socialism)710.1+0.1

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