Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Canary Wharf is welcoming back the popular Winter Lights festival, where people can enjoy the beauty of the light artworkscreated by artists from all over the globe. It’s the sixth year in a row and the event is growing in popularity. Winter Lights showcases some of the most creative light sculptures that convey an important massage and allow people to interact with them.

Pic: Tzu – Kuan Lu

Absorbed by Light, a sculpture designed and executed by UK and German artistes, is conveying a very similar sight that we see in modern society, people focusing on their phones and ignoring each other. 

Lactolight, on the other hand, is a huge and low-resolution screen made of 7,344 recycled milk bottles with colors added by LED light, turning each bottle into a pixel on the screen. It aims to spread peoples’ awareness to single-use plastic. 

Pic: Tzu – Kuan Lu

Canary Wharf also wants to do their bit on social responsibility. The Bra Tree, inspired from the US ski slope of throwing Bra’s onto a tree, targets to raise funds for Breast Cancer. 

In 2017 and 2019, Winter Lights has won the Best Creative Lighting Event in the Darc Award’s, which is regarded the most revered light design magazine. The 26 Installations are scattered around Canary Wharf, and will be lit at 4 pm to 11pm until this Saturday night. To join the free-entry lighting feast, click here for more information.

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