Push, Pop, Repeat!

The Goldsmiths Computational Arts Masters students launched their first public exhibition of the year last Wednesday (January 22)

 Three hundred and fifty visitor went to the exhibition.

It was called “push, pop, repeat” and was held at St James Hatcham Church, Goldsmiths College. The exhibition showcased the work of  students from Computational Arts MA and Master of Fine Arts courses and the Independent Games and Playable Experience Design MA 

The title of the exhibition refers to the computer functions that the students often use in their work.

Dr. Theo Papatheodorou, the senior lecturer of the Computational Arts course, said the exhibition was a success considering that it was organised by four students and showed the work of students who had only started coding two months ago. He said: “It’s an interactive course, so we don’t want them to just be writing essays”. 

The next exhibition will be held later this year, on 3 September 2020 at St Hatcham Church

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