Two thirds of Croydon adults overweight or obese

A poster of “Live Well Croydon” | Pic: Ilaria Cafaro

Croydon Council has launched a new campaign to help local people lose weight, amidst the shock finding that two thirds of adults in the borough are either overweight or obese. The council is again running its ‘Live Well Croydon” programme to help residents improve their overall health and wellbeing and change bad habits. 

Thousands of residents have already taken advantage of the campaign which health advisers say is much needed.

This is the third year the Council has run this scheme which enables residents to come in and discuss their New Year’s resolutions with trained staff.

The focus is to encourage people to abandon damaging habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and unhealthy eating. There are podcasts, meal plans and other content to help people start the change, even a free health MOT which can be done online.

See the whole video here.

A Croydon Council spokesman said: “Around 3,000 residents to date have been supported to be healthier by a Live Well advisor and 62% of these have either lost weight, quit smoking or are exercising after three months.”

Councillor Janet Campbell added that the programme has been extremely beneficial to local residents, with 64% of the participants changing their habits in one way or another.

Residents who wish to take part can arrange to meet advisors around the Croydon area who help guide them in one-to-one appointments. Additional information could also be found on or 

The Health Hub in Croydon Central Library | Pic: Ilaria Cafaro

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