Lewisham residents can get up to £5000 for community projects

Lewisham Local posing for their Lewisham Local Card programme. Pic: Lewisham Local

Lewisham residents who are keen to get involved in projects that could increase visitors to the borough can apply for up to £5000 under a council-run programme. 

The programme – dubbed  Lewisham Local – is trying to boost spending by encouraging people to visit Lewisham’s shops and businesses. 

The aim is to support local residents who have never received public funding for their projects and try and get them off the ground.

Sam Hawksley, director at Lewisham Local, told East London Lines: “Lewisham Launchpad is a fantastic opportunity for individual local people and organisations to get their ideas for the community off the ground.”

£68,750 will be handed out to many different projects across Lewisham, but those applying for funding can only ask for between £500 and £5000.

There are certain criteria which can restrict people from applying. Organisations that make a profit or have a turnover of over £50,000 and projects outside Lewisham cannot apply as the aim is for these projects to have a long term impact on the borough. 

This means that certain projects will get priority over others. For example, projects that have links to arts and sports, as well as those trying to make the borough greener and those trying to tackle the housing crisis. 

Applications for the funding opened on February 24.

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