Sports fans in Croydon left furious at BT Sport failure to cancel subscriptions

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

Sports fans in Croydon were left furious at BT Sports after waiting for hours in a phone queue to cancel their sports subscription.

A flood of complaints began to rise last week after all sporting events were cancelled or postponed including Premier League, amid government recommendations to close non-essential businesses, while customers had to continue paying for their BT Sport subscriptions.

“BT hasn’t got its ducks in a row as of yet,” said Daniel Fellows, a BT Sport customer from East Dulwich. “I have tried on several occasions but no joy, [they’re] call centres are overwhelmed. They are a cynical organisation that cares very little about their customers or staff.”

Premier League is not set to return until April 30, earliest, leaving sports fans with BT Sports subscriptions rewatching old sporting events on repeat.

However, customers like Fellows are paying a minimum of £32 for a ‘premium’ service which the telecom company refuses to freeze once past the hour-long phone queues.

“When you try to remove the BT package from Sky you are told to call them. Once you call Sky their customer service agents can’t take it off your package,” said Fellows. “[It’s] all a bit of a waste of time.”

Earlier in the week, similar complaints were heard about Sky Sports, before the channel initiated an easy method of pausing all sports subscriptions on their website.

In a comment to The Sun, BT said that those worried about their bill can get in touch to discuss their options but they will not be pausing packages.

The BT website states: “If you want to change or reduce the number of services in your package, then you may need to start a new contract with a new minimum period for your new package.”

This method may see exit fees for those currently in a BT Sports subscription.

BT Sport customers are still awaiting a way to pause their subscriptions. BT Sport has not provided further comments on this topic.

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