Zero-emission mowing machines to be used within Lewisham parks

The Mean Green SK-48 STAND ON 48″ DECK Pic: Richard Overton

Eco-friendly mowers were introduced to Lewisham last week in an attempt to reduce high emissions during grass-cutting seasons.

The new mowers will combine the use of battery-powered energy, zero-emission motors, and a system of electrically powered blades that will reduce the amount of noise pollutants also produced during cutting operations. Other effective functions these “clean green machines” will incorporate include; 

  • long-lasting battery efficiency
  • Low vibrations
  • And lower running costs/ maintenance

Chris Thompson, a member of Glendale’s local management team who maintain Lewisham’s parks, said that these alternative machines were brought in due to Lewisham having recently declared a climate emergency.

He said: “The battery-powered mowers will have a positive impact and are expected to reduce emissions during grass cutting sessions, making it healthier for our operators and park users, as well as providing cleaner air at a local level.

“The use of non powered diesel engines and PTO systems will also reduce the noise unlike that of a standard working mower” 

CXR ZERO-TURN 52″ OR 60″ DECK Pic: Richard Overton

Lewisham councils and Glendale partnership began back in 2000 when the local council started an initiative to redesign and improve the boroughs recreational green areas.

Since then, Glendale and Lewisham’s local community workers have contributed various amounts of support and commitment to the parks contemporary public green spaces.  

These new mowers are just one of many new forms of equipment Lewisham parks will be using to combat environmental issues surrounding air pollutants and harmful toxins generated by horticultural machinery. 

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