Croydon baker shares home-made facemasks tips

Homemade face masks. Image by: Elsa Santana
Homemade face masks. Pic: Elsa Santana

A local Croydon baker has shared a step-by-step tutorial for making face-masks in the light of government guidance that they should be warn in crowded places.

Elsa Santana from Let It Be Cake, said: “I offered to be a street champion for my neighbourhood road, through a local scheme at Selsdon, who give help to all the vulnerable and elderly people who are in isolation by helping them with their shopping or picking up their prescriptions.

“The local firefighters asked for masks to be made for a local care home and I offered to help.”

We have made 30 face masks from scratch for nhs key workers in a care home in Croydon. The face masks caused tears(sewing machine decided to quit), laughter, huge amounts of frustration and sore fingers from hand stitching some of the masks but we got the job done. #facemasks #keyworkers #nhs

Posted by Let It Be Cake on Saturday, 25 April 2020


  • Old fabric (the thicker the fabric the better e.g. old curtains)
  • Elastics or bindings
  • Sewing machine (optional)


Lay one of the 9” x  7” pieces of fabric flat on the table with the right side facing downwards: as it will be the exterior part of the mask.


Get a second 9” x 7” piece of fabric and fold them together in a way they are overlapping. Once that is done, use pins to keep both fabric together.


Sew the fabric together along the sides, either using the sewing machine or by hand.


Attach the bindings or elastic to the fabric, with pins on both sides, and sew. Make sure the fabric is sandwiched inside the binding like this:


Create three pleats of about half an inch each, all facing downwards. Then pin them so they stay in place and stitch.


If your mask looks like the drawing below, you are all done!

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