Croydon’s recycling centres to reopen to the public

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Croydon residents are allowed to dispose of their household waste in West Croydon, New Addington, and Purley at recycling centres starting tomorrow (Wednesday May 13). 

Reuse and recycling centres in Factory Lane, Fishers Farm, and Purley Oaks will open on 13 May. Following changes made to the sites, residents will be able to visit the HRRC centres by the drive-through. 

The centres will accept household and garden waste in black bags, small electronic devices and furniture. Residents who are able to hold onto their excess waste should do so, advises Croydon Council.

Cllr Stuart Collins, deputy leader of Clean Green Croydon said: “We do expect the sites to be busy but residents can help us to reduce queue time by visiting later in the week and at quieter times, avoiding the start and end of the day where possible and only making the trip if absolutely necessary. We are still asking residents to store excess waste safely at home if they are able to or to use the council’s bulky waste collection service.”

The centres will be open to drive-through visitors only and will allow one person to leave their car to carry waste. On-site staff support will not be available since social distancing measures are still in place, advising visitors to stay at least 2m apart from each other. 

“While the new rules may make it take longer to access the facilities, I hope residents can understand the need to introduce these measures to help protect both them and site staff,” said Collins. 

Additionally, he pointed out that individuals feeling unwell should remain home and not visit the recycling centres, including all other public spaces. Those who are able to hold onto their excess waste at home are advised to do so. Residents are advised to allow time to queue and traffic. 

Residents wishing to visit the centres must come alone in a vehicle and be able to carry all items by themselves.


  • Factory Lane, West Croydon: 

Mon-Sat – 7.30am to 4.30pm 

Sunday – 8.30am to 4pm

  • Purley Oaks, Purley:

Mon-Sun – 8am to 3.30pm 

  • Fishers Farm, New Addington

Mon-Fri – 8am to 4pm

Sat – 9am to 2pm

Sun – 9am to 1pm

More information can be found at Croydon Council.

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