Early pregnancy loss charity launches service at Lewisham hospital

A charity which supports parents with early pregnancy loss is launching a service at Lewisham Hospital.

CRADLE works with the NHS to support not only parents, but extended family members in providing support for early pregnancy loss to 23 weeks and 6 days gestation. 

Tommy’s Pregnancy Hub, a site that offers medical advice to pregnant women, reported that one in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage and that most miscarriages happen during the first 12 weeks. 

The service will be available to use from today.

CRADLE provides parents with a Comfort Bag which aim to relieves the everyday stress of mundane things, so parents can focus on grieving.  

A spokesperson said: “CRADLE comfort bags are filled with toiletries and donated to women who are admitted into care with confirmed pregnancy loss, and for women who will be admitted for planned care.  The most important thing in the CRADLE comfort bag is the Dear Friend Letter, which will signpost women from their hospital beds directly to CRADLE support.” 

Beyond hospital care, CRADLE has a Facebook Page, ‘CRADLE Early Pregnancy Loss Support Group’ to connect parents who are dealing with loss. Alongside the Facebook page, they run pregnancy loss therapy projects such as CRADLE counselling which was launched during lockdown. 

The best the local community can assist CRADLE is by donating items for the Comfort BAG. 

CRADLE said: “Donations of toiletries (full comfort bag list attached) are vital for comfort bags, including items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, wipes, lip balm, hairbrush, bobbles, peppermint tea (to relieve the pain caused by trapped air from surgery) and sunflower seeds to plant in memory of their baby, or in some cases, babies. These bags are intended to help bring some comfort during a difficult and stressful time. We invite local business or members of the community to sponsor a bag for a year which is a monthly donation of 5pounds. You can also contribute to the fundraising through online gifting or taking part in a fundraising event.” 

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