Mayor of Hackney welcomes tighter Covid restrictions as London moves to Tier 2

A Covid alert level sign in London Pic: PA Aaron Chown

Philip Glanville, the Mayor of Hackney, welcomed London’s move into Tier 2 restrictions today but warned the Government to not waste this opportunity on to fix its troubled Track and Trace system.

Glanville said he believed these measures would prevent further impact on the economy and people’s health. This is after Dr Sandra Husbands: Hackney Director of Public Health revealed that the borough had one of the highest numbers of reported cases within the capital, with figures rising to 2,182. 

He added: “I welcome the Government’s new restrictions, however, I am calling on the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health to not waste this opportunity. These new restrictions will give the Government the space it needs to work with us, wider local government and the NHS to fix test and trace and ensure it is running correctly. “

“Hackney was one of the first London boroughs to start the test and tracing method amongst Council staff, but we can and must be supported to do more.”

These new rules now mean that different households will be banned from mixing with one another indoors, as well as in commercial places of business. The existing rules of the 10 pm curfew will still apply across pubs and restaurants, with only a group of up 6 people allowed to congregate at any one time.

A woman in a face mask in London Pic: PA Wire, Aaron Chown

Husbands said: “I understand that this coronavirus crisis has hit us all hard and now, seven months in, we are sadly seeing cases rising again across London.”

She added: “At the time of writing this, rates in Hackney are among the highest in the capital. That is why I welcome the government’s announcement to move London into the high tier of coronavirus local restrictions. I am deeply worried about the health of the people of Hackney, and I am asking everyone to do everything they can to work together and keep Hackney safe.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock delivers a ministerial statement on COVID-19 in the House Of Commons, London Pic: PA WIRE

Matt Hancock, the health secretary, announced this morning that London, alongside Essex, Elmbridge, Barrow-in-Furness, York, North East Derbyshire, Erewash and Chesterfield, will move into the second tier of measures of Covid-19 restrictions. These areas are now classified as “high” level of areas.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, said on Twitter: “Time and again it has been shown that it is better to act earlier than to act too late. I am not willing to put Londoners’ lives at risk and we must do all we can to minimise economic damage.”

“I know these further restrictions will require Londoners to make yet more sacrifices, but the disastrous failure of the Test, Trace and Isolate system leaves us with little choice.”

The government’s new three-tier system came into effect on Wednesday and has seen every area of England being classed as either medium, high or very high in terms of rates.

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