Free directory for Croydon’s creatives launched

Live performance. Pic: Hughes de-Buyer-Mimeure

A free directory has been launched as an “online home” for dozens of creatives across Croydon to showcase their work.

The Croydon Creative Directory is a space that allows groups and individuals to set up free profiles on their website in order to network, display their talent and find resources. 140 businesses are already taking part.

Marcus Harris-Noble, project manager of the Croydon Creative Enterprise Zone, said: “The directory can be a showcase for your business and a way of finding work and I like the fact it will act as a shop window for the amazing culture and creative sector we have here in Croydon.”

He added: “Never before have you been able to find all this in one place and it’s inspiring to see the sheer range and breadth of businesses operating here. It’s very much geared to businesses but it will also be useful for the consumer or someone wishing to employ the services of, say, a filmmaker or a photographer.”

Creative industry

This is a welcomed project to the creative industry who have suffered a challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The directory provides various resources including a Social Charter that advises groups on how to be more inclusive.

Lizzy Lambie, co-director of the Fashion Meets Music Pop Up based in Croydon’s Centrale Shopping Centre said: “I think it’s fantastic because Croydon has a thriving cultural scene and there are lots of people in different pockets so it’s a great way of bringing them all together in one place. The directory is also a good way of partnering with other people. You can see what others are doing and see if that’s something we can get involved with.”

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, cabinet member for economic recovery and skills said: “The Croydon Creative Directory is a great initiative and we are already receiving positive feedback from people saying how much they like the site and how it’s helped them link and partner with others.”

“Croydon was one of only six boroughs designated Creative Enterprise Zones and I am pleased that all the good work will be carried forward by this directory when the CEZ finishes at the end of next year. The creative industries will play a major role in Croydon’s economic recovery and we will do all we can to support them.”

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