Hackney recording studios adapt to new stringent Covid measures

Strongroom Studios Credit: Strongroom

Two recording studios in Hackney have said how relieved they are that they can continue to trade during the second lockdown.

Shoreditch-based Strongroom studios, are just one of many music organisations concerned about their survival in this pandemic. 

This time around, regulations said that all professional recording studios in England could stay open including Strongroom in Shoreditch. Music video production can also go ahead.

James Barker, CEO of an independent label housed in Strongroom, Mystic Sons, said: “We are an incredibly small team, and so are very grateful that Strongroom are continuing their work, so that we can too.” 

Hackney studio space Premises studios said they were delighted to be remaining open. Viv Broughton, CEO, said: We’re fully open during lockdown. We are classed as a workplace. Creating, rehearsing and recording music is work, and not the kind of work you can do from home. We’re doing all we can to keep our clients and staff safe, so that artists can continue to do what they love. And so can we!” 

Despite this positive turn, it is believed job losses in the cultural sector and night-time economy could have been avoided if businesses had been given more warning about the furlough scheme extension, industry figures have said.

UK Music’s chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said the move to keep these operating was an “important vote of confidence” by the Government in the sector.

“Studios are a key part of the ecosystem of the UK music industry that contributes £5.2 billion a year to the economy and employs 190,000 people.

We are determined to continue to work with the Government to keep as much of the music industry open as possible as we strive to get the whole industry back on its feet.”

The Government is currently distributing a £1.57 billion funding package to the arts.

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