East London guide to lockdown Pancake Day

By Cara Houlton and Ariana Hashtrudi

baked pancake with blueberry and slice of banan
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With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, your pancake day does not need to be cancelled. It should still be an excuse to eat a pancake at any time of the day.

With many London cafes and restaurants offering Pancake Day deals and exciting new additions to their menus, there is a variety of options for a delicious day at home.

If you don’t fancy your luck at flipping the pancakes yourself, you can get restaurant-quality pancakes delivered straight to your door. Check out some of our favourite options for your area below.


The Breakfast Club – Hackney Wick. This American-diner style café is offering four brand new pancake specials including cherry pie, Mississippi mud pie and key lime pie as well as their classic berries and cream pancakes which is also available as a vegan option. All pancake orders are priced at £11 and are available for delivery with Deliveroo from 8 am at https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/london/queen-elizabeth-olympic-park/the-breakfast-club-hackney-wick?day=today&postcode=E96LY&time=ASAP

Urban Chocolatier – Whitechapel. Offering a wide range of dessert options, this café has 10 crepes to choose from including unique flavours such as peanut butter and jelly as well as honey and cinnamon. The pancakes range from £7.95-£9.25 and are available for delivery from the Urban Chocolatier or Deliveroo and Just Eat. https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/london/whitechapel/the-urban-chocolatier

Heavenly Desserts – Stratford. Looking to have pancakes for dinner, this café delivers from 5:35 pm when your order from Just Eat. With a variety of crepes to choose from including Biscoff and Banoffee, prices range from £6.90 – £8.75. https://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-heavenly-desserts-london/menu

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Pic: Luke Pennystan

Tower Hamlets:

The Full Monty Café – Bethnal Green. If you fancy savoury pancakes this Shrove Tuesday this café offers four options which include a range of ingredients from sausage and bacon to ham and halloumi with a veggie choice too. These dishes range from £10.50 to £11.90 including free delivery with Deliveroo. https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/london/bethnal-green/the-full-monty-cafe

Brick Lane Coffee Shop – Brick Lane. If crepes are more your style, this café offers a total of 11 both sweet and savoury options. At currently 50% off their prices when you order from Deliveroo, each pancake is only £4.90, and they are open until 11 pm for your pancake desires. https://deliveroo.co.uk/menu/london/brick-lane/brick-lane-coffee-shop

Two Magpies Café – Limehouse. This Italian style café offers warm berry pancakes at £7.50. These pancakes come drizzled in maple syrup and a warm berry compote decorated with fresh strawberries and flowers. For an Instagram worthy Pancake Day picture, this is the place for you. The pancakes are available for delivery with Just Eat. https://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-two-magpies-cafe-london-aldgate/menu

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Pic: Eiliv-Sonas Acerson


Le Delice: Located in Lewisham, this French-inspired café has a range of sweet and savoury crepes, with toppings such as ham and cheese and the classic lemon and sugar.

Prices range from £3.90-£6.50 and service is open from 6 am to 7 pm- So this may be the perfect choice for the ravenous early riser. To order takeout’s, call: 020 8690 3238.

Canvas and cream: This trendy, Forest Hill café serves hearty American-style pancakes, with toppings like bacon and maple syrup or the more luscious vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce.

The pancakes cost between £5.75 and £9.70 and takeouts are provided from 9:30 am to 5 pm. To order takeouts, call 020 8699 9589.

Madeleines: Situated on the edge of Blackheath, this elegant Creperie serves sweet crepes as well as galettes (a thin pancake made with buckwheat) with some Mediterranean-themed toppings such as mozzarella with green pesto.

Prices range from £3.50 to £9.50 and the service runs from 8 am-5 pm. To order takeouts, go to Uber Eats.

Kaspa’s: This diner-esque, Ice cream parlour has branches in Catford and Lewisham, and is perfect for dessert, serving a delicious range of crepes. Whether you are looking for a simple dusting of sugar, a drizzle of melted chocolate or a mouth-watering selection of chopped fruits, their diverse menu will not disappoint.

The Lewisham branch is open between 1 pm-2 am and the Catford chain is open between 12 pm-11 pm, which works a treat for any late-night pancake craving. The crepes cost between £5.85 to £7.75. To order takeouts, go to Uber Eats (for Lewisham), or Uber eats (for Catford).

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Pic: Kobby Mendez


Love a Slice: Based in Croydon, this chic dessert house has a wide selection of pancakes and crepes, with toppings such as Nutella and strawberry or the warming blend of maple syrup and cinnamon.

The cost of pancakes and crepes range from £5.50-£7.50 and the eatery is open between 4-10 pm, which makes it the perfect option for an evening dessert. To order takeouts, go to JUST EAT.

The breakfast club: This 80’s inspired breakfast restaurant is set in Croydon’s BOXPARK and has introduced a new range of American-inspired desserts, such as the nutty and chocolatey ‘Mississippi Mud pie pancakes’ or the zesty and aromatic ‘key lime pie’ flavoured pancakes. The restaurant also caters for the more orthodox palate, serving toppings like berries and cream.

Opening times are between 8 am-4 pm, which makes it ideal for a daytime takeout and all the dishes are priced at £11. To order takeouts, go to deliveroo.

Le Bon Café: This stylish Croydon-based restaurant has a wide range of savoury, Moroccan-inspired pancakes, with fragrant toppings such as coriander chicken or marinated meatballs.

The Pancakes cost between £5.80-£7.80 and the eatery is open from 7 am-6 pm. This is perfect for those who are unsure if they fancy a pancake during the day or night. To order takeouts, go to JUST EAT.

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